This is a very controversial discussion, but I think it’s important for those who wish to see positive change in the world to address it. The amount of success the average person is likely to have in a society is retaliative to what that society encourages and rewards. Modernism sought to create a society focused on rationality, but the average individual almost always loses in competitions with the gifted and the gifted may have little obligation to share their wealth. Does Modernism produced a high IQ oligarchy? A society that does not produce an acceptable quality of life for the majority seems to be an elitist society of some sort.

What does GameB plan to do about it? The average IQ in the United States is 98. That means that the majority of Americans may have less than a 100 IQ. Are we brave enough to even recognize that IQ tends to matter in our current system or are we going to forfeit the argument to those who find comfort by telling themselves that the floundering deserve whatever they get?

As automation makes more and more manual labor jobs obsolete, the problem could intensify. What new foundations could GameB put in place?

Perhaps the core portion of a public school education could be focused on using empathy to design experiences for one another that we find valuable. Even in a highly automated society, this skill may remain valuable. Students could be introduced to most traditional subjects in the context of creating experiences for teachers and other students. Advanced software tools could be provided to assist students in designing objects and events. Electives could be available for those that wish to specialize in subjects in later grades.

Perhaps brain scans could also be performed while a student engages in a standard set of diagnostic tasks. These scans could then be fed into an unsupervised learning algorithm to identify clusters of similar scans. These clusters could become the basis for a pragmatically defined list of cognitive styles that learning materials, tools and careers could be designed to accommodate. The clusters may even include members with a wide variety of IQs. Parents and students could still be allowed to decide which learning materials to focus on, although the results from the scan could be provided to inform their decision.

We should sincerely intend to provide productive, satisfying lives to all members of society— as any society that is for the people and by the people ought to do.

Rational Skeptic. Hopeful Seeker.